Saturday, July 11, 2009

About Indiana Sheltie Rescue

Hi, I am Charlotte, one of the volunteers for Indiana Sheltie Rescue. We have established this blog to inform you about our rescue as well as other news related to dog adoptions and rescue.
Many of us have felt the hardships of the current economic conditions and this has filtered down to our pets. Record numbers of people have abandoned animals or handed them over to rescues this year.

We are doing all we can to help care for Shelties in need. Some of our volunteers foster shelties in need of a new home. Others are involved in fund raising or educating people about our efforts in the central Indiana area. While you may not have the time to volunteer with rescues in your area, consider checking out their websites and helping with providing needed supplies. For example, do you have old or spare towels? Some group may just need those very supplies.

Our blog has a link to our website. Thanks for dropping by and look for future posts soon!

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  1. Great start to what looks to be a great blog about an important topic!